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March 12, 2006



You might want to consult your doc on this one. Cause all I got are the obviousr chewing gum, yawning, etc...You might have a problen with your eustacian tubes opening and closing properly. I do and it hurts. If I get water in my ears it stays for days and I get the wa wa wa sound. Call your doctor! lov ya, have fun. Oh, by the way my family so much more like wills in the planning department and it drives ME crazy, I am a time Nazie, I HATE being late(don't know where I got that) but my mother just didnt grow up that way, 6 kids you know hard to get em all together. It's the one complaint that Dane had about my fam.


Yeah, I'm with you. I'd save the Dirty Pony gear for outside of school as well.

My husband's family is just like Will's. There is NO advance planning for anything. My family is exactly like yours, where we are planning next summer's vacation (2007). It causes me endless frustration. I try to see the benefit to both but sometimes it is awfully, awfully hard.

Tickled Pink

Since you asked for advice, here goes. But in my heart I know you already know this stuff.

First, try to decide how you are going to handle scheduling BEFORE you have kids. Take it from someone whose been there. I learned a little late that you marry a family, not just a person. The stories I could tell ...

Second, I defer to Oprah's mantra on the shirt: Doubt means don't. When it comes to working with children, especially ones with raging hormones, it's better to be safe than sorry. I think it is awesome that you're supporting the student though. My seven year old is addicted to Project Runway and yesterday created an outfit out of all the tissue party from the presents at a friend's birthday party - mask, hat, shirt, loops around his pants, the whole bit. I hope he can make some money on his passion one day too.

Blessings, Nicole


So, I have to preface this suggestion by telling you that it will not look cute if you do it, not at all, but here's the trick. I have often seen flight attendants put towels wetted with warm water in the bottom of the little plastic drinking glasses that they use for the 3/8 of a Diet Coke that they serve, and then give the cups to passengers to place over their ears. One cup over each...very chic. Hope it works. I will so understand if you don't give it a try!


Don't wear the shirt. No matter what he tells you its dirty. A friend of mine teaches at a middle school and some of her students convinced another teacher to wear a t-shirt with the words humming bird across the front and were laughing at her all day. If you don't know what that means...umm you probably don't want to.


Wow, I think that is the longest post I have ever read from you.

Let's see....suggestions...I don't have any for flying, because I don't, but that one about the cups sounds interesting...:)

As for the t-shirt, ask a trusted administator what they think...



The plane thing? Well, I get a horrible pain in the middle of my forehead. Like my brain is going to explode. Once, I took a decongestant before boarding and that seemed to help that time. I dont know if that would work for you because it is your ears, but maybe. Shoot, just take lots of drugs and most likely, one will work. :)


I don't have any advice for the flying thing. I always get headaches when I fly. Meh.

As for the shirt, do NOT wear it to school. You need to keep a certain distance from your students, and that includes your attire. Keep it professional, even if you are allowed to dress casually. If t-shirts are okay, then wear a plain one. You may be cool, but your students don't need to know it. ;-)


I wouldn't wear the shirt! Maybe if will wears one too...hmmm...I take that back I just wouldn't. About flying someone said if you put tape over your belly button it helps with the weird head feelings you get when flying. Don't know thought!!! Miss You!


Can there be such a thing as planned spontaneity? I got lucky I guess in that both mine and hubby's family do some planning for events but not years in advance. Afterall, I planned my wedding in just 5 months, and still managed to avoid "off the rack". Once kids are in the mix, spontaneity is the key to having fun as a parent.

I wouldn't wear the Dirty Pony shirt. As for flying, I agree with Bethany, ask your doctor.


Ok, here's my 2 cents...

Have a drink on the plain, or get a soda and bring a "waterbottle." Wink Wink. That might help relax you, and relax your body. My last airplain ride was sooooo painful, it might sound crazy but when it gets really bad, I put my head in between my legs. But the drinking might work too.

With the whole family, yep I'm in the same boat. Trevor's fam is soooo like that, well not on purpose. They plan everything but never tell us until like the day before, it annoys me like CRAZY!

Dirty Pony eh! Well, like the others, better for outside of school. Oh qiuck story. I had a Roxy shirt with a pineapple across my boobs and I'll never forget one guy said, "Nice pineapple" Thanks but no thanks. If you want 11teen years old (they act that age)to check you out, I'd advise, not to wear it.

Oh, have a great time!

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