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March 07, 2006



Janet! I LOVE SOCKS and I would love to be part of the chain!

I have already eaten 2 entire boxes of peanut butter tagalong girl scout cookies. Embarassing.


I wore that same dress to my prom!!! oh wait, no I didn't because even if I wanted (which I didn't), my parents would have stoped me before I walked out the door for looking like a slut!


I'm chronicler (robyn) and I'm a thinmintaholic!


I read somewhere in Vogue in an interview with a distinguished designer whose name escapes me (but who was definitely a woman) that she thought any time spent in one's twenties not wearing a bathing suit was a complete waste of time.

I realize this does not exactly relate to teenagers and prom dresses, but. Somehow this seemed like a safe place to share one of my secret favorite quotes.


I've eaten roughly five boxes of Girl Scout cookies so far. I'll probably double that number by the time they stop selling them.

And the dresses? Ta-cky.


My name is Kathleen, and I am an enabler. Here is the recipe I use for Samoas ALL YEAR ROUND!



The dresses are HEINOUS! I mean, let's just be honest, what in the world is flattering about keyholes over the belly button...ESPECIALLY in girl scout cookie season.

Then again, my older sister wore a forest green and gold sequined Homecoming dress.

Thankfully, I learned from her.


I'm in on the socks. I got a chain letter like that before, except it was underware instead of socks. xoxo


Cookies - So know what you mean.

Socks - Good luck. I would love to participate but you are the only person I would send the letter to...

Prom dresses - Direct influence of Paris Hilton. She should market her own line of tramp wear.

Speaking of tramps and slightly related quotes... Corral of Real World NY2 fame had a great quote... she was commenting on the new cast for Key West and She said one of them had a "Tramp Stamp"... tatoo's. Tramp Stamp. Love it. I thought it was Slut Stamp but tramp stamp flows better.


Ya know what? I don't believe I've ever, EVER had a girl scout cookie before. Now I feel all deprived!!


Oh my gosh, those dresses are so scary. Seriously, I can't believe that they are wearing stuff like that to proms.
I totally empathize with you on the addiction to Girlscout cookies. I just ate a whole box of Samoas in about 2 days last week. And that was with practicing self-restraint. I might have to get another box today now that my mind is fixated on them.
The crazy sock chain letter idea is cute. I tried the silly recipe thing, too, and got like 2 recipes back that both included a can of soup and shreaded cheese in thier list of ingredients. No thanks.


I would love to do to do the crazy sock letter! I also have tried the recipe one, several times, and I never got anything back.

How skinny is that girl in the tie died prom dress? Bleck!



You are too funny! I stay away from the cookies myself. And I just sent my recipe out today (it was an email chain) so in regards to socks: Good luck with that... (one of MY favorite quotes, you can thank Sponge Bob, hehe).
Katrina...who also happens to be in the AV

ally bean

samoas-- you can still get samoas?

where i live the ever powerful girl scout council took away samoas and savanahs, and replaced them with lowfat, tasteless good for you cookies.

what a lucky duck you are.


I too am a Girl Scout cookie fan, specifically frozen Thin Mints! I stick a couple boxes in the freezer and they are sooo good. Someone mentioned Coral from the Real World, I too heard her "tramp stamp" comment and laughed my ass off. I wouldn't mind getting in on the sock chain either!


Uh, those dresses are horrible. I would shave my teenage daughters head before I sent her off to prom in one of those.


Love ThinMints! As for the prom dresses. At my prom, I wore a hoop under my dress.. that tells you how much they've changed since I was in school.. WHOA!


My name is TJ and I am a Samoasaholic.

Remember the day when girls wore the hoops under their prom dresses. I would never have went to the prom if I had to wear one of these dresses.


I'll join the crazy sock chain. Sign me up!


Ok, I did that stupid sock chain and did not get ONE EFFING PAIR OF SOCKS. Some lazy biatches did not go and buy socks for me.

On another note, do you have to have a rib cage that point outward to wear the ugly cutout pina colada dress?


Weren't cut outs a really big deal on one of the Project Runway episodes? One of the designers evidently stole a cut out design from Nicky Hilton or something like that. Ahh, the problems of youth.


You need to find someone from the UK to partake in the sock chain. You can get some crazy socks in the UK.


Hey I would love to join the fun sock chain game. The ladies at my church were telling me about it and it really sounded like a bunch of fun!! We did the flip-flop letter and had a blast!! I look forward to hearing from you real soon!!


Can you please send me the Crazy Sock Chain Letter. Thanks!


i would love a copy of this sock letter it would be fun to be a part of this.

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