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March 20, 2006



you deserve a medal!


And while you sleep--they will have boys in their room. Really--who said you get to sleep? ;)


That sounds like my trip to DC with my husband. hehe

I miss Starbucks. No Starbucks in Italy.


That was the funniest thing I've read in a long time! I really enjoy reading your blog!


Excellent post! Thanks for the laugh.

ally bean

hilarous. :-)


Cute, I remember when "boys in the room" was such a big deal. I couldn't even have my friend from across the street, Danny, in my room.


I agree with Stacy, you deserve a medal.

Jennifer Berthiaume

This is a hilarious trip back down memory lane...I am really sorry for all of the hassle, but not really. Because it was one of my most favorite memories in high school.

And we SO did have boys in our room.

Jennifer Berthiaume

I just wanted to note that when googling myself (for purely professional purposes!) the links that refer to me are in order, as follows: 1. Picture with senator Ashburn (thanks to you), 2. Team399.com team bios (thanks to Will), and then... 3. This post! Not even my blog comes up before yours! So you can graciously thank me when you become the most famous blogger because everyone is googling MY name! haha. :P


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