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February 02, 2006



Ms Pinky Pink. You must, simply must take pictures of this year's graduation. They will simply make my day. Oh, by the way, will you and Mr. SoPink be wearing matching gowns?


Yeah a picture of that would be great!


HOLY COW... you didn't? You realize what can happen if you get caught?


That is so hilarious. And I love that you had a partner in crime. Pink is the new pink!


I wanna know what'll happen if she gets caught!


You are such a rebel...in pink of course.


So darn funny! I admire chutzpah!


OH...MY...GOSH. You never cease to amaze me. You are definitely the most Fab-Pink Gal I know. :)


Maybe to keep things a little honest, you could wear something white too. How about white, lacy and sexy? Your stories are always so funny...

ally bean

I remember at my undergraduate graduation that I was so jealous of the fine arts majors because they had pink tassles on their mortar boards! Being a basic liberal arts major I only got black.

If someone had told me going in that fine arts got pink tassles at the end, I know that I would of signed up right there and then to be in fine arts. But no such luck.


Oh I just love it, love it, love it!!!
Good for you!!


Classic! It will be fabulous!


First I'm impressed that your neighboring teacher knew you'd want the pink hood color. And yes, you MUST take pictures.


That is absolutely the FUNNIEST thing I have read on any blog EVER! SO. PERFECT. You absolutely RULE. ;^)


you naughty naughty girl.
i hope it works


I just happened by your blog, and wanted to let you know I think it's really funny. Also, I admire you for going ahead and ordering the pink hood--It's definitely what I would have wanted to do, too, even if I didn't have the guts!


Holy crap girl! That is great. I know what you mean. For my BA we get these ribbons that raps around our neck. Deaf Studies is baby blue, I got lucky. What, does a BA mean nothing to schools. AHHHHHHHH

I love your stories, can't wait to see the pictures



You rock.


So Pink! I love it! Go pink!


Girl, you must Luuurve pink cause i'd be way to scared to do that shit!! Can you like get arrested or something?


Miss Pinkie Pink:

I'm at Wilda's desk right now, pretending to be Wilda. I think, if you are questioned at the graduation re: your newly acquired advanced degree, a simple and quick response is in order. How about, "What? I didn't tell you? It must have slipped my mind". "Oh, there's one of the graduating seniors, beckoning me. I must go and help him/her". Then quickly move away! It's just that simple!



You are too cute!!!
yay im glad you'll be at our graduation and glad you will be wearing PINK lol

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