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February 18, 2006



Cool robot! I've totally answered my home phone like that before. xoxo


The whole robot thing sounds great and tons of fun. I hope you guys when the gold (in olympics mode).

One thing: Mrs. Photography teachers...What is the proper position to hold a camera of that caliber? Please fix. LOL

Did we get the radisson?


During the last few months of grad school, classes and work got so hectic I was never sure where I was. IZ made a habit of calling me at work to check in on me--and when I would answer "SFTS Bookstore" he would say, "Are you sure?" Because honestly, I wasn't always at the bookstore. :)


God, two things I miss about being vegan (and in Florida) are Jack in the Box tacos and those pumpkin pie shakes they make around Thanksgiving.

Terrible- I always miss the worst food for me!


"Room 231!" That is GREAT. I've had some moments like that -- having worked in a call center, we were required to thank the customers for calling at the conclusion of every call. So of course there were a few times where I ended some personal calls with "Thanks for calling!" Embarrassing. :)

I also cannot believe all the multi-tasking you're doing in the classroom. Craziness.


ooh ooh, I am from Annapolis! Be sure to get the crab dip at Griffin's downtown. Delish. Can't wait to hear about your trip - should be a nice time of year there for your visit.

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