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February 06, 2006



Creating your own Valentine's Day cards sounds really great. I wish I had your motivation. This year I feel so behind on it already, and really need to get focused. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Early *Happy Valentines Day* wishes.



Wow...I wish I had your time....I would ask for a Valentine, but it is that proper to ask for one? lol I bet they are super cute, please post a picture when you are done.



So men with glue guns have to ruin it for all of us! I guess we'll have to forgive - I am sure they will be super cute anyway - besides paste is MORE fun! :)


Wow, I haven't made my own Valentine's since grade school. I wonder if it's as much fun as an adult. By the way, be sure to check out my most recent post over at Fumblings.


Are you kidding?! You would actually solicit addresses to send people Valentines? You're very sweet but, honey, you're NUTS. ;^)


I got one! I got one! And the first thing I thought was, how is Janet so damn creative!?! They're beautiful. xoxo


Yes, I agree with Mr. Honeydew -- you are a little bit nuts. But also sweet, so it's okay. :) I can't BELIEVE that you do all that...crazy! (Embossing gun? What the heck is that? Is it anything like a glue gun?) I bet it would be fun once a person actually started. It's just the initial thought that can seem somewhat daunting... :)


Haha! Yes, Malia, please send me your address! I LOVE making Valentine cards and I always have extras.


I just requested my valentine from Janet. I can't wait to get it.


You are inspiring. (seriously though) While I dont think I will make my own Valentines Cards, I think I will send a few out. Do post pictures of the finished products!

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