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January 12, 2006



Wow, did I read that wrong. I read #4. Will is doing Tae-bo. No socks. No pants. The fun here never ends. And I imagined my honey hopping around (do you hop around in tae-bo? anyhooo...) with just a shirt on and nothing else and thought hey that would be fun to watch. :-D


...the spatulas are expected because I said I was sending them, it's the extra little surprise in the box that I am kind of giddy about. ;^)

...AND you read Christopher Moore?! Good grief. My fav is "Coyote Blue." If you haven't read it you should check it out. I can even send it to you to add to the mountain that you currently seem to have on your bedside table...


Ha ha . I now it's crazy how BAD they made her look huh. Yeah for pink kitcheware. Sounds glorious


Snaps for the Pink spatulas! Ok here is something that is super cute and you can use your new spatulas. After my cake class, I bring it to work so I don't get fat. So share em at work.


FYI: kraftfoods.com kits ass. Everything is super simple and soooo sute. Kathryn should look for her kids next birthday.


I'm extremely EXTREMELY jealou of the pink spatulas.

I may have to get me a set.


The movie "Monster" gave me such nightmares! Charleze Theron was so convincing.
What I want to know is how she lost all the weight she gained for that part!


Haven't seen Monster, but I know Charlize Theron wore false teeth during shooting.

And yay! for pink spatulas!


i like the picture of the umbrellas.... so did you have a special occasion recently to receive all these gifts? or just really nice friends...?


oh yeah... i just noticed you're reading the spirit catches you and you fall down. i read that for a class a couple of years ago. it's very interesting.


JCPenny has a whole line of small appliances that are pink. Coffee makers, toasters, Kitchen Aid mixers, blenders... It's pretty neat actually. (Check the JCPenny website under housewares.) They would totally match the pink spatulas.

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