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January 22, 2006



so you'll have to give me your address so I can fulfill your wishes and your shameless request for gifts!!!


I have Foo Fighters in my car. They never get old. I'll see what I can do. Ya I don't have your address either.

By the way, if Mr. Pink needs any ideas for Valentine's Day, tell him to go to Starbucks. Pink-o-lious. One of the cutest Pink carry mugs ever!


that's a good idea.


Send me your address. I have a CD of a girl I love that I am giving out to all my girlfriends.


I just looked at your "Queens" photo set. Ya'll are silly.


I am queen of the outstanding music mixes, or at least one of my friends told me that just last week. I think my brother liked a mix I made for him recently too. Anyway, I would love to send you a CD. Please be aware that I am not always prompt when in comes to actually getting a package in the mail, but it will get to you before your 2007 birthday, I promise.


Oooo, that sounds like fun. I got a MP3 player for Christmas and I love it.


ally bean

I do send thank you notes.

A woman after my own heart. And this makes up for any perceived bad etiquette about asking for exactly what you want.

Love your blog, btw.


Just looked at your new pics! Love the Queen pictures!!! CUTE!


I too am a huge fan of thank you notes. Pardon my complete ignorance, but is by "burned MP3 CD" do you mean like a regular CD that you burned your favorite tunes onto? Or some tiny little CD that I dont know about? My husband has an MP3 player, and he downloads music to his computer, then to the player.


i'll take this one, Janet...

An MP3 is simply a compressed file (usually music, but audiobooks and some movies are this file format as well, but that's a totally different discussion).

Anyhow, what Janet wants is an MP3 CD so that there are more songs per CD than if you converted them back to audio files. (Audio cds hold about 70 minutes of music, whereas MP3 cds hold around 650 megabites of information.)

This can be a LOT of songs! (Two hundred or more depending on the song length and compression method).

So when you put a cd in your computer and let iTunes convert it to MP3 files, you're saving a ton of disk space. This is what your husband is doing when he downloads music into his MP3 player.

Hope that wasn't too technical for this here girly blog. :-D


I allready got you a birthday present and I would love to throw in a CD but unfortunatly I dont think I will have time. But, I do promise to get you one sometime this year. I also think you will have enough to hold you over for a while!!!


My burner is on the fritz, but I'll see what I can come up with.



Ok, Janet. I gotta join in on this. A pink CD is headed your way... given that you don't mind giving me your address...


Send me your address and I promise not to give you total crap.

Maybe some, but not total!


I am in! Tell me where to send it. Then when you get some good songs from your other commenters - you'll have to let us know what you've found. It will be like a music exchange, because I do the SAME thing on itunes. As long as you don't start out the post with, "I got this total crap CD from a Laurie in MD...never ask her for music..." Ha!!


I am the same way when trying to pick music for my ipod - it is very frustrating - I wish someone else who knew all my taste could just set up the library and I wouldn't have to do that part - just listen. I got a Delphi My Fi to listen to the radio - we'll see - when I got it as a gift I didn't realize I had to wear an antenna :(


Ooh, I'll send you a CD. It might have to wait until I get back to France next weekend, but yeah, I can do that.

Just send me yer address.

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