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December 20, 2005



Is there a reason you don't have a TV at home?



I am very sorry to be a pest, but one of my little pet-peeves is misuse of the word "addicting". In the context of your post it really should be "addictive". ;^)




Can you believe you've been missing all THAT!?! xoxo


NO! Say it isn't so! Step slowly away, and come back from the "dark side." :)


Indeed, addicting was not always considered a word. However, in more recent American English, because addict is a transitive verb, addicting has become more widely accepted and is, in fact, included in some less uppity dictionaries such as online at dictionary.com. And, lord knows, there is no uppity here at SoPink.

Also, and only in pest-y fun, the periods go inside the quotations marks. Atleast, in the American style.

xo :o)


Blah, blah, blah... I am aware that a transitive verb requires an object, but "addicting" just sounds plain WRONG. That is how pet peeves work. They don't have to be CORRECT necessarily. AND I wouldn't say that a television show is an "object." So I go back to my previous statement that the word should be addictive because addictive is an adjective, which is a better means to describe a noun that is not an object in my book. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, I step down from my soapbox. Mr. Honeydew has left the building...

Have a Happy, Happy Holiday Ms. Pink. ;^)

(you'll note that I put my period inside of my quotation mark just for you.)


Haha! Okay, okay! Addictive it will be. :o) Anything to keep my readers happy. So long as you put those periods on the inside, I won't use any crappy American English.

Plus, it is, like, so important to, like, write right and stuff.


Just so you know, I only say these things because I care. ;^) I see these stupid little tarts on TV (i.e. Paris Hilton, either Simpson girl, etc.) who haven't a brain in their head and, even aside from the whole "addicting" issue, cannot form an intelligible sentence. I strongly associate what I think of as the misuse of the word "addicting" with their brand of idiocy. I think much more highly of you and do not like to associate you, Ms. Pink, with brainless idiots. You have wit, you have grace, and, yes, you have a brain. /rant

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