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December 30, 2005



Cute shades, a must for any star. I'm sure you looked cute as always.


HOLY CRAP! that is amazing!


That is so crazy-cool! xoxo


That is really great! I was once on an airplane heading to Frankfurt, Germany when a man I know walked up and said hello! I was shocked to see anyone I knew on an International flight, but there he was. It happened again down in the Florida Keys. Same man too. And no it wasn't my Hubby either!


That is odd being recognized out of the blue.

Maribeth -- I think it is a CIA agent that is trailing you. Watch your back!


I agree! How crazy! I've always wondered, with my photos being online, if I might ever be recognized one day. My modesty always causes me to say "Naaaaaahhh," but I guess it has happened...it was probably more surreal for Elizabeth than for you! :)


Did you get the pink ones? I'm dying to know - I love those shades!

Mom & Pops

I always knew you two would be famous someday. I didn't know it would be so soon.

Account Deleted

I'm afraid I'm late to the party, but your experience almost makes me want stop blogging anonymously so I can be fabulous as well. Almost.

Your blog is so funny and you are adorable (and a supahstah!). There's no need to stay modest and humble.

I'm coming back!

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