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December 23, 2005



Are you in Powell's? I went to Portland for a meeting in September, and my cousin who lives there would not stop talking about Powell's, but unfortunately the meeting took away all opportunity to do something fun.

Boots serve totally different purposes outside of California. I finally have snowboots that are black and not too bulky, so I can wear them to work on snowy days and not worry about changing my shoes. I miss flip flops.


I did the same thing once with my pillow. I called the hotel and had them ship them to me. Maybe they could do the same?


Yeah...we're in Seattle. I didn't bring appropriate footwear either!


"Bring your Pals to Powells!" :-) My old English teacher used to say that and even offered extra credit if you went there. :-) Hope you enjoyed P-Town despite the soggy weather.



Merry Christmas Janet! Have a wonderful day and a great year ahead!!


I love, love Powell's. And Portland.

The weather WAS really miserable yesterday, but I've been hot all day today. You might not be feelin' that being from southern california though. :)


Powell's is faaaabulous and so is Portland! Next stop: Seattle!

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