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December 11, 2005



Holly CRAP! That is crazy, who would say that to a kids. Nope, little Jimmy, that food is for baby Jesus too. Stupid.

Nothing But Bonfires

At least she didn't say "it's FROM the baby Jesus," which is how I read it at first. That would have been rather disturbing too, right? Jesus bringing presents, instead of Santa....it might kinda be taking the "remember the true spirit of Christmas" thing a little too far.


Well, you know "He" does need to stay in touch. I just hope they are getting the fair and flexible plan - so no overages! Ha!


lol laurie!!!


That was just too funny. I have missed your pink site. Now I have found your blog again.


that is a funny story. what a thing to say. was she buying it for the baby jesus? maybe it was a gift for a kid who was playing baby jesus in a school play or something.
i guess that wouldn't make sense, either.

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