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November 01, 2005



Cute uniform. Both of you.


So, so cute!! Where did you and Will go to show off your costumes? It looks like you had a great time on Halloween, including trick-or-treating – even though picture-taking (with Drew and Kathryn) didn’t work out as well as you’d hoped (still cute, though).

As for the printer, good for you for sticking to your guns! I guess tenacity does pay off. :)

Also – aren’t you going to D.C. soon?


We really are nuts .
but you already are aware of that by now.
as is Drew.


I love Costco. I've returned a digital camera, a coffee maker & a blanket all to Costco. They have some kinda policy where they HAVE to take returns. xoxo


Ha! Love it:)


the cuteness factor of the two of you is just too much to handle!! I love it :D


I gotta say it - I'd let you 2 fly me to hell!


Too Cute!!


Like the costumes. Also like Costco.


Oh how fun! 1 can't remember the last Halloween I dressed up.


You guys are so cute. What a great idea. The last time hubby and I dressed up with a theme was a few years ago. We were Dorothy and the scarecrow. We just had to take back a whole surround sound stereo system that we bought back in Feb (the receiver stopped working). They were very nice and we had no problem exchanging for a different system (plus it had enough of a rebate for us to get some soundsticks for our Mac....woot!). Glad you finally got that printer issue resolved.


You guys are totally cute.

I wish there was such a thing as pink airlines. They have jet blue. I think there is a gender inequality thing going on here.


Too cute for words! Love the costumes!

I have been in the same shoes before with a printer return no manual included. I am happy to hear that you faught the good fight and won!

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