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November 16, 2005



Major suckage about the shoes! Boo! But I like the new design on the site. :)


so so sad about your shoes:( love the new look of your site:)


you have a good and funny writing wit.


Ok- I know this is not related- but there was no comment space for your new banner! It's hilarious! Love it!


There is nothing sadder than destroying a new pair of shoes before you've gotten a chance to parade around feeling pretty in them a few dozen times. My sympathies go out to you.


Love the new design, it looks great.
Know what ya mean about the books, I am the same way. I love to read before bedtime but lately it seems that I am up so late there is no time for reading. Sucks.


Oh man!! I hope this next week proves to be a better one!

PS- Like the new (since I've been here) banner! :)


R.I.P. shoes! I hope you got to finish the book :)

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