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October 02, 2005



As long as you have learned your lesson...


Please!!! Buy some stock in some scrunchies and throw that mess up in a ponytail!



Hehe! This happens to me when I visit my parents. It's only been 4 years since I graduated high school and many of my peers still live there. I'm always paranoid I'm going to run into people and looking like a bum.


Yeah you always seem to see SOMEONE when your not looking your best. I can relate!


Where do you live? Mayberry? I never run into any of my students!


I love the coat. Can I have it? :-)


AWESOME deal :)

and, i have to tell you. i used to own a salon. my 'book' (client list) was over 300 people. everywhere i went people would grab their heads and apologize.

wanna know a secret? we don't care if you don't brush your hair! just tip, remember us at christmas and know that we like you for more than your grooming skills :) it's a tight bond, that hairdresser thing. so relax!


Was at my local Target the other day... found myself strolling down the office supplies aisle and there amoungst the sea of ink pens I see a bright, shinny, pink Dr.Grip gel pen. I had to buy it in your honor.


ahahhahahaha somebody said scrunchie


I was trying to be sympathetic about your hair conumdrum, but I was distracted by the picture of that beautiful coat. Jealousy! I guess I shouldn't have been so lazy when I saw that advertisement in the paper for the Dillard's sale. :)

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