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September 26, 2005



What a beautiful couple!! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!! It is so good to get away once and awhile!!! But the piles of laundry when you get back....sucks!


Ahhh...am on my way to a wedding this weekend, also! I hope it is as fun as your was! Oh and like I totally learned about background merger because of your post - you are an awesome teacher! :) Glad ya'll had fun! :)


Hehehe...glad you had a good time. :) You can go to the bank today for a roll of quarter.


Awwwh! I love my town! Welcome to SF. Glad it treated you right. And you had the perfect indian summer weather too! If you stayed until Wednesday you could see Filmore street covered with Snow. Yup. It's the yearly Icerair competition.

Now, if you don't mind me asking, how is it that you and Will always get the start treatment? The A's grass...the Governator's dinner...what's going on there? Is "teacher" a code name for something else, perhaps?


you two are impossibly cute :) and, check the couch.....for quarters - you know!


Are those the adorably cute shoes I told you about on the A's feild? You know the ones from *cough* Nordstroms *cough* I wasn't aware that you invested!


"Background merger?" What? :) That's awesome that you guys had a good time. I've been dying to go to San Fran!!

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