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August 11, 2005



ahhh yes!


i spent 30 flippin bucks on one the other day.
I blame bi-polar disease.


You women are crazy with your makeup...


That's a nice one... where is it from?


I feel your pain regarding the pen - BUT LOOK AT THAT FOUNDATION BRUSH! Nice!


Ooooh! NICE! Soon I will be retiring mine for I am switching to Bare Escentuals.


This one is Estee Lauder. It is also $30, but worth every penny. Plus, I got a free gift that includes a makeup bag, mirror, mini mascara, eyeliner, and a lipstick that I left in the car to melt.


Hmm, so you need a brush for foundation? You need foundation? I'm a concealer and powder girl. Should I be stepping it up?


I really like Mac's Studio Fix... it is a poweder but it works as well as any foundation. And I use a brush to apply.


Yay you for the new foundation brush... now could we get back to the pen? Perhaps it is because I am a guy, but this pales in comparison. *grin*

(It does look like a very fine foundation brush, by the way.)


So let me get this straight...you use a brush with a liquid foundation? Yeah, Lo and I plan on converting to bare minerals, thought we'd give it a try. Don't back down with the pin...go get that pink one.

Fraulein N

That is a lovely brush, but I am still wanting to see The Pen.

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