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August 15, 2005



I like the purse idea. I always eeward myswlf with a purse! And you might need a new outfit to handle the stress too!
An F-stop? Honey the only F-stop I know about I can't talk about in mixed company!
And training? If they hired you I think it's too much to expect you to train.
Oh well, smile pretty and dazzle them. Practice with these adults because soon enough, you will have teens to conquor!!

Fraulein N

7:30?! I say you've earned that new purse.


1. you can look up all you need to know to fake it with a simple Google search.

2. you only need to ACT like you know what you are doing. Then bat your eyes. A lot.

3. depending on the ratio of boys to girls, you will have at least half of the class developing a crush on you in the first five minutes and they will not notice or care whether you know spit about photography... so you are only actually going to be teaching less than half of the class anyway. A certain portion of the remainder will be the over-achiever-nerd-types who will figure it out on their own. The two or three left will likely never get it anyway, so don't waste your time worrying about them. It's okay to flunk them.

4. 7:30am is an un-Godly hour and it is inhuman to require anyone to be anywhere at that time (unless it is an airline). Are you certain you want to associate yourself with these people? Why do you want to teach anyway? Will that not cut into your blog time?

5. A new purse will be a fine accessory to a pink Dr. Grip writing pen.


A new purse! But of course. Now, let's get serious here, what type are you thinking...something new for Fall...a carryall, clutch, hobo....the options are endless...keep us posted :)


That is so funny- the pink top and the purse. Of course you NEED the purse. :) I've always wanted to take a photography class- I wonder how teaching when you don't have much experience would be. :) Hopefully you'll learn lots. Sorry you have to wake up so early! If it makes you feel any better I have to wake up at 6:30 everyday and I don't get a summer vacation. :(


Congrats on your new job!

7.30?? That's insane. You deserve two purses. And a new wallet. And shoes.


Just wing it. They'll never know.


Eh, I'm at work at 7 AM every morning, so no sympathy there. But then again, any excuse to buy a new purse works for me!


Absoutely a new "pink" purse would sound fabulous!! Congrats, or dealing with high schoolers...my condolances ;)


just do what all the other bad teachers are doing - sleep with one of your students. that'll take the heat RIGHT OFF your technical skills :)


How fabu! Why limit yourself to just a purse though? Go for the whole back-to-school outfit, including accessories ;)


Ooh photography. Just don't bring in the drunk weekend pictures for examples.


For some reason I had no doubt that you would get the job, since you said they were in such dire need...plus, they like you so much already. :) It's really awesome...congratulations!


I think a whole back to school outfit is necessary! A photo class will be lots of fun. I can't wait to hear all about it! xoxo


Ok, let me help you out. My boy has a photography book, it will give you tons of ideas. Give me your address and I'll mail it to you. No charge, ok, you can buy me a drink the next time we go out. lol. I don't know how good the book is, but it's a start. I have an old 35mm if you need one to play around with. Do you know what that is? NON-Digital, yes, they are still around. Anywho let me know what I can do.


Dark Room? F-Stop? Teach them digital photography and then briefly mention the rest. Then show them all about putting digital photos online. Oh -- if you want to look really cool, have a "plastic camera" assignment where they use a holga or some other cheap plastic camera to photograph a theme.

I love your site by the way... I've been reading since you posted about Will eating the mail. I've been hooked since.

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