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August 10, 2005



I eat a bowl of kiddie cereal every day for lunch, so I welcome you into the land of sugar!!


Not a bad choice. I am a Reese's Puffs kinda guy right now. Even though I have almost broken a few teeth on the stuff...


Yummy. I left the CTC phase and moved onto Captain Crunch phase. More sugar, more carbs... you get the idea....



i rarely eat cereal but i like Apple Jacks and Cinnamon Life.


Haha! Thanks for sharing. I'm in the Lucky Charms phase. :)


I used to eat cinnamon toast crunch and play nintendo ALL DAY LONG!


Hee, that's funny. I totally do the cereal phase thing too, and it's usually sugary kiddie cereal. My husband thinks it's ridiculous, but who is he to say anything, Mr. Boring eats a bowl of Total Raisin Bran every morning. He's so predictable... but in a cute way.


I prefer Captain Crunch. I only eat it for the sugar value. How many pounds are in a bowl?


I know this isn't a kid cereal but it may as well be - Special K with Red Berries... They call it red berries as if a random raspberry may show up. No, just strawberries in my box. And I put the vanilla soy milk on it... So yummy.


Watch out Janet! Before you know it, you'll be on that slippery slope to the hard stuff like Captain Crunch with Berries and Cookie Crisp. Rice Krispies is just a gateway cereal that has lead many astray.


This blog thing is super cool. You just go through people's comments and click on their name and voila! Instant new, fun entertainment! Woohoo!

Apple Jacks will forever be the perfect cereal. Crunchy, sweet, not-so-apply-tasting goodness.


Mr. SoPink

My vote lies with Cinnamon Life. I don't allow myself to buy it often, though, because of my inclination to finish the entire box. It's too good for my own good.


i woke up in the middle of the night and started thinking about cereal!
i thought of Golden Grahams and the song was playing in my head and i really wanted some and don't have any, but ultimately-- i blame you for this, janet! ;-)


I have been in the Cocoa Pebbles stage for many, many years. I love that it turns my milk into chocolatey goodness! YUM!

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