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August 15, 2005



Drink it up Janet! Hey in my opinion I think it is better to drink soda pop than coffee. So, your good. Great photos, but I can't save them on my end :( oh well. We all need more nights like that. YEAAEHHHH!


Hey, what the heck are you talking about? Lovely cheekbones... I almost just wrote checkbones. What are checkbones?


You have lovely cheekbones, even without sucking on a straw! That lip stuff looks awesome, must try!

But, I see that you've switched over from coke to gin. It's the straw that's causing your habits I tell ya! ;-)


I don't think I have cheekbones. Haha.


I have great cheekbones. But that's about it. They seem to stay up with you long after everything else has fallen south! My husband says I must be related to Atilla the Hun!


i didn't think the cheekbones were what all the straw sucking practice was about....

sorry pink's mom. ha!

AND, it is so amazing that you're going to be forming minds. yup, my daughter is going to an all girls private school that only hires nuns. it's decided!


Yeah, my students (all 120 of them) will be returning to me on Wednesday. Lord-help-me!


There is nothing wrong with gin and tonic to start your day. Great photos you all took!


You are on Flickr now! Sweet! :)

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