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July 20, 2005



Oh my gosh... I am such a Scrabble fanatic, too! I can never get my husband to play with me anymore because I became to anal about the rules.


I love scrabble but always seem to lose. I haven't played it as much as you though. Maybe I would get better...


Janet, do you realize that my aunt is absolutely going to love you? And you have met neither her or myself yet? I saw the picture of you and Will in the AV Press paper this morning (your last name was spelled correctly!), and then I came in and read this post. My aunt and her friend are also Scrabble-fanatics (they've been playing together for about 10 years now), and I join in whenever I'm here. We'll have to play together sometime. :)


I love scrabble too. I don't get to play too much because hubby is an English junkie and usually kills me and then gloats. I get so mad that it takes me weeks to want to play again. My ex-husband was really bad and I "loved" playing with him. About the only thing we did well together.


Thanks for the comment, Janet! I agree about the movie, and the fact that Morgan Freeman is narrating- that's a bonus! I love his voice, it's so cultured.
Oh, if you like penguins, you should see Kate's Blog: http://penguinart.com/journal.html


I love Scrabble - and that is one good-looking board! My boyfriend and I have started playing w/ a timer b/c our games got ridiculously long.

Found you via Jen G. - great site!!


Curious - did the game start w/ Mile or Gee?

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