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July 23, 2005



UPDATE: We will not be getting a penguin(s). Will says that he will clean up after the cat if I clean up after the penguin(s). I can't even clean up after myself so it will probably not be working out. I say "probably" because, who know? Maybe I'll get one for Christmas!


I saw it before Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - and was seen leaning my head over on TFS's shoulder! Penguins make you do crazy stuff!



I'd love a penguin!! I really want to see this movie, but being out in BFE, I will probably have to wait for pay-per-view!


They are scrumptious, aren't they? However, I'm not sure they could live in harmony with the koalas I want to buy . . .


Cute, but smelly! I was at Sea World last week and there they were way more smelly than cute.


I would just like to be a Koala :)

that is very off subject.


I totally want one too! Not sure they'd get along wtih the dogs, though...


I think penguins are adorable and cute but just when the idea of adopting one hits I remember Linus Torvalds telling the tale of how the penguin became the mascot for linux.
Mean lil things they are.


Oh dear Lord I want to see this movie so bad. I'm probably going to have to suck it up and just do it myself because my husband? Yeah, not even.

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