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June 15, 2005



Yum! And bunco- I'm so fascinated by bunco. I've heard people talk about it, read it on blogs, but have never known anyone personally to play it. No idea what kind of game it is even. Next time you go take some pictures?


I had bunco on Monday night and I won nothing! I should just go in plunk down my five bucks, get a plate full of food and leave. ha! However, I do love my group and the best part (besides the eating) is the socializing! What a great thing to win...a cookbook! I am definately making these lettuce wraps since there is no PF Changs anywhere near me...dang it!



I love Lettuce Wraps... !

I am such a Collector of Cookbooks too!! The cupcakes were a stretch!

The Wraps sound yummy; did you splash a little flour on your face and try to look as if you'd been slaving in the kitchen for hours?



I have a few of Rachel Ray's cookbooks, including the get together one. I like them because they arent tooo hard. Still, dont really use them alot either cause I am usually to tired to cook.


i'm almost addicted to rachel ray's show. her smile is infectious and the food seems easy to prepare. the mrs hates how she talks so much though...


I miss Bunco! I'd love to be an alternate some time, if you need one. xoxo

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