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June 15, 2005



I've been saying all along that her whole empire is based on crap. Look at the stuff she says. It's all common sense dressed up in words you don't know and fruit you've never heard of. It's just crap...


I stopped my subscription to her magazine a long time ago. I hated looking at her calendar of frilly crap she had to do and hearing her talk about her 15 houses, plus, almost none of the stuff in there was doable. The only thing I could do with that magazine was look at the pretty pictures. It was like looking at an art book or something.



Yeah! I agree! The summer issues used to be the best - now they kinda suck a little.



All *I* know is she can't iron a shirt! She was on tv and the first thing she did was to make a super sharp crease at the top of the sleeve, starting at the shoulder. *Everyone* knows that's all wrong. All wrong.

Plus I have a friend who worked for her for ONE DAY cuz Martha is just as bad as everyone says.

That ranted, I still think she didn't deserve jail.

Oh, and hi. I"m a lurker, came from Tim's page which I found through next blog so I send him white light all the time...

...and I'm nowhere near as stupid as I sound :)


'Real Simple' is the new 'MSL'. Very smart, very informative.

La Bona

What is your view on ABORTION?

While Muslims and Catholics even regard contraceptive evil, Would you like to know what do most people think of these religious taboo?

See it from the divine perspective ...


WHOA! I thought we were talkin' MSL. How rather, rude.



YOU, La Bona, are certainly NOT A GOOD THING. I went ahead and deleted your URL, so your free advertising is, poof!, gone. However, I am leaving your comment here in case any of my friends want to TALK SOME SHIT ABOUT YOU! Peace Out!

What is your view on THIS, biaaatch!?

Also, what is your view on PINK? We all like the PINK around here.


I FREAKING FEEL YOU! What is up with the recipes and what is up with getting the magazine after everyone else. Ticks me off, but I love the photos.


Martha lost me when she was giving renovation tips in one of the decorating issues. The subject was painting your walls, and the gist of her advice? Make sure you hire licensed painters and communicate with them. Yeah. I do all my own painting, cause you know, I think that's the meaning of do-it-yourself, stupid arrogant broad.

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