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May 25, 2005



Janet, your husband is totally bizarre. And I mean that in the nicest way! :)


Oooh what a good idea. I like throwing my mail away too. Who wants it in the house? But eating valuable numbers...never thought of that. Will have to give that a try. *Wink, wink*


Eats it? Nice. :) As a person who seems to accumulate stacks of mail alllll over the house, his system seems sound to me.


maybe he has a strong dietary need for wood pulp?


hee! hee! I thought I was obsessive about mail sorting. That is too funny. Do certain kinds of mail taste better than others? :)


i just re-read this post and am thinking to myself, this is really well-written and interesting.
i thought i'd share that with you.


Wow. Thank you, Carrie. That is really nice. :)


Hey Janet this is the 6 th time I have checked you blog today!


So when I first saw the picture of that piece of mail on your blog, I was all, like, "he..he...I don't get it." And then I read your post and the comments and went back to look at the picture, and I was all, "THAT IS THE FUNNIEST PIECE OF MAIL EVER."

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