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March 30, 2011



Lovely picture of you lawerly ladies, and I love that you swiped the pic without permission! :-)


I'm gonna sue your ass!


So sad to have missed the reunion. Next time! <3 you ladies!


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Today we are going to take some trip in the world of one of the hottest female celebrities and this picture of http://berkekyj.livejournal.com>AUDRINA PATRIDGE TOPLESS will give you a primary clue on what this review is about. We will see and discuss many beautiful things about http://morenabaccarinnudejg.tumblr.com>morena baccarin nude like her ass, boobs and other things provided with some finest pictures. You are also can count on reading some very interesting data about this girl that is just essential in appreciating her gorgeous body as at the end of this post you will have a chance to rate http://penthamori.livejournal.com>MELYSSA FORD NUDE from one to five stars so don't miss it... And I am beginning our review... here I go.

There is nothing more important than age value because it matters a lot... believe me. http://janicedickinsonnudejl.tumblr.com>janice dickinson nude is only 23 years old but she has already gained a lot for her life. Not every woman can reach for that short period of time those things she did. Although 23 seems to be just a beginning I have to say that she looks very mature and solid... Her behavior reflects a character of a 30 year old woman and she likes to wear some classic outfit. By the way http://josiemarannudepf.tumblr.com>josie maran nude style is very modern and this girl knows how to look that good. But for me her outfit is not that important... moreover, I think it is better for us to watch http://artimasifug.livejournal.com>CATHERINE ZETA JONES SEX or something like that.

I am very fond of watching her different hairstyles mainly because I like brunettes... of course she also dyes her hair in yellow pretending being a blond but Ahley, come on girl, dark color very suits her honey. I like to imagine http://lyndsyfonsecanudehm.tumblr.com>lyndsy fonseca nude standing in front of me with her long black hairs and you know what? That is my dirtiest fantasy so far about her... Of course it is not that dirty for example I know one guy and when he tells me his fantasies about some hot celebrity I am starting to be afraid of him because those things he says have really made me think about his mental condition. I don't see any point to tell his fantasies right here because you don't have to be scared as I am.

Many of you probably don't know who she is... I can totally understand those people that just watched http://trishstratushotsi.tumblr.com>trish stratus hot and that's it... they don't care about who the hell she is, why she is popular and sort of things like that... what matters is that people love her gorgeous body... Although I think it is great that many people recognize her as just a sexy woman I am saying it is wrong and we have to know what exactly http://billiepipernudeob.tumblr.com>billie piper nude does for her life and why she is famous...

When she graduated from high school at the age of 17 she was going to purchase a modeling career. But unfortunately http://royetuc.livejournal.com>KELLY MONACO NUDE wasn't tall enough as her height hasn't changed from 5'5. But who knows what would happen with her if she succeed at that. Despite the failure, she started taking acting classes and then she has finally realized that it was her forte. Since there we could see http://uzzielytyr.livejournal.com>SARAH WAYNE CALLIES NUDE showing up in some commercials, tv shows and such movies like Twilight, Shark, Summer's Blood and most recent The Twilight Sage: Eclipse that will be released pretty soon. If you ask my opinion then I'll say whatever happens it is only for best... all I'm saying is she was suppose to be a person that we can see right now and it was her destiny.

Now let's move out to something that you will definitely be fond of. Take a look at http://wynnynez.livejournal.com>COLLIEN FERNANDES NUDE and say if you like her tits. I don't know how about you but I think you have to be crazy or blind so that you couldn't like those babies. http://cocoporntd.tumblr.com>coco porn are very smooth and so elastic and they make me fell horny by the way...

If you think that this is the age you are wrong... Checkout this http://badgervumyl.livejournal.com>HEATHER MORRIS NUDE with her butt exposed. There is nothing better than that and when I feel sad or exhausted I refer to http://kimkardashiansexvideosm.tumblr.com>kim kardashian sex video and my mood is getting better with every picture of her.

Finally we have come to our conclusion where you will have to pick whether or not to vote for all these http://marylouiseparkernudezt.tumblr.com>mary louise parker nude you saw.

It hasn't toke long for me to find these pictures of http://gemmaartertonnudedv.freeforums.org>gemma arterton nude and moreover I have included them right here in this review about this gorgeous and incredibly sexy woman. Who wants to enjoy us you are welcomed my friend.

I am just crazy about http://cowerafapu.livejournal.com>HALLE BERRY DESNUDA hairstyles because they are so modern and very stylish. But if we are talking about combination her hair and dress then I have to say it doesn't bother me much... You see I am used to watch http://kajolhotphotoskx.tumblr.com>kajol hot photos so I like watching her that way with of her gorgeous hairstyles. Actually it is the most important thing especially when you see woman like her for the first time because if the hairstyle is good it will be the first thing a man pays attention to... and if it is bad than he will start staring on her ass or something like that...

What an incredible http://graceparknudepq.freeforums.org>grace park nude I have got right here... Do you see it? Of course, how come you cannot notice that gorgeous photo. I really love watching http://cocoplayboymm.freeforums.org>coco playboy and they are definitely the best boobs of today. But don't think that saw only them today because that would be not true... Among 10 pairs of the finest and what is more important famous tits I have chose only one which you can see right now... Anyway, if you want something else besides tits then stay with my next review.

One day I have found few http://meganfoxnudephotosgu.freeforums.org>megan fox nude photos and I was curious then about how my readers will accept that.

Let's talk about how http://kellycarlsonnudegq.tumblr.com>kelly carlson nude really tall... It is important to me though and I just can't ignore that factor when I do celebrity reviews. It is just essential for me as a man to know that because for example if woman is tall and sexy than I will definitely say she is perfect... But unfortunately in our case her height is only 5'5 which is kind of average height for a woman. This can be recorder as her first shortage but I wouldn't judge her for only this because she has got a lot more advantages than them... Now we just have to mention something which you shouldn't ignore either... Take a look at that http://annehathawayboobszz.tumblr.com>anne hathaway boobs and guess what I mean.

I was talking about http://robertpattinsonnakedly.freeforums.org>robert pattinson naked if some of you didn't get that. She has truly amazing ones with a very smooth and soft skin. If there was only something that I could do to get a chance at least to touch her one boob then I would do whatever it takes. If I was suppose to jump from the plane with parachute then I would do that. If something else that going through the pit of giant spiders than I am sure I wouldn't refused. Anyway, to know what you are capable of I suggest you to watch http://evetorresnudezv.freeforums.org>eve torres nude so that you could see what you would fight for.

Once upon the time I was looking for http://charlizetheronnakedjf.tumblr.com>charlize theron naked and I really succeed in it. Not so many people can search properly but if you do, there will be thousands of opportunities opened for you.

I have known one very interesting fact about the woman who is on this http://jamesfranconakedpu.freeforums.org>james franco naked. She is the face of the website that sells retro style dresses. It is obvious that this girl likes some classic style and in fact, we can see her wearing some of those old dresses on some ceremonies and parties. I am still confused how the hell this 23 year old girl loves retro style because if you ask about 90 percent of people her age they will tell you 60's were suck. I guess she is very unique among the rest of people her age and she respects the history.

Take a look at this perfect picture of http://selenagomezassdo.tumblr.com>selena gomez ass because right now we are going to discuss her tits. First of all I have to say they look pretty big to me although they are natural... The concept of big boobs has changed and right now having big ones means that you have done at least one plastic surgery. That makes me feel gross and puke however http://evamendessexyuu.tumblr.com>eva mendes sexy hasn't made any of those so far which I am very proud of hearing. Fake boobs are nothing as even a man can make those to himself... http://darylhannahnudexf.tumblr.com>daryl hannah nude are very smooth and elastic which is exactly why they are one of my favorite tits.

I have always dreamed about having this big poster of http://bergeronlu.livejournal.com>ANGELINA JOLIE NACKT hanging out on my wall in my apartment. But today I think my dream might come true because I have some of those pics that soon enough will be turned into those posters.

You know how it happens when you want to be someone that you think you can be but the other people say you won't succeed... http://drewbarrymorenudeij.tumblr.com>drew barrymore nude wanted to be a model however her height of 5'5 wasn't enough for her to be one... Therefore she was advised to take acting classes and as we can see she succeed very well in that area... It is just acting was her forte and modeling was just a hobby... But from this http://mariahcareyassjr.freeforums.org>mariah carey ass I have to say if we exclude the fact that she is not tall enough I think she has all chances to be a model because she looks very confident and professional on that photo.

Don't forget to checkout this pic of http://angieharmonnudezt.freeforums.org>angie harmon nude because it took me a very long time to find. Don't you just love the way her tits look on it? They are something that I would call perfect and very natural... I can't remember seeing such boobs ever... no kidding. Look at her skin and the fact that her tits are elastic... One boob worth one million dollars, for sure... If you think I am wrong than check those topless pics of her with more details and you will see that I am right.

Hello there fellows and welcome to my review that will be dedicated to this picture featuring http://daniellelloydnakedna.freeforums.org>danielle lloyd naked and I am just sure you will love her a lot.

She is a daughter of Michelle that works in insurance and her father Joe http://carrieunderwoodnudegk.freeforums.org>carrie underwood nude is a former U.S Marine who has a concrete business of his own right now. http://mallikasherawatsexhi.tumblr.com>mallika sherawat sex was born in Jacksonville, Florida on February 21, 1987. Before transferring to Wolfson High School she went to University Christian School at the tenth grade. Then being 17 she moved to LA for starting her acting career which she has definitely succeed in.

I just thought you will need something besides watching http://christinaaguileraboobsxg.tumblr.com>christina aguilera boobs as you have to respect that celebrity first. So, as we now know something about her let's move on the next level where you will find everything you need about this http://jodiesweetinnudezb.freeforums.org>jodie sweetin nude and what is on it.

Starting right from what I think you want to know I have to say that http://katewinsletnakedgb.freeforums.org>kate winslet naked look very big and natural. The last fact gives us some very precious information that even makes us respect her more because more than 50 percent of women do plastic surgeries on their tits... All I can say to them is that you can't enjoy with what you have... And when you are not, you can lose it forever. That is why so many women have cancer and some other difficulties after making that surgery.

I am pleased to announce that those of you like watching http://selitaebanksnudeuh.tumblr.com>selita ebanks nude have now an opportunity to finally do it. But before here is something interesting about her.

If I say that http://shemewyca.livejournal.com>GEMMA ARTERTON SEX's acting career was something that she wanted the most when she was a kid that would be wrong and incorrect. Yes, she is an actress right now... very famous one in deed. But that was not what she was looking for back when she was 16 already.

http://reonkadenanudetx.freeforums.org>reon kadena nude wanted to purchase modeling career but unfortunately for her at that time she was not tall enough because her height is 5'5 and it hasn't changed much since there... For being a model you just have to be at least couple of inches taller which means that 5'7 is a minimum height that you should have if you want to get yourself a modeling career... Don't worry girls about that because for men that edge is a lot more... You have to be at least 6 feet to be a model.

Although she is an actress now we still can see some pictures of http://ashleygreenedesnudaxz.tumblr.com>ashley greene desnuda because she participates in some photo shoots... That allows me to say that she has made her dream come true at least on a half.

Now it is time to know how exactly http://carmenelectrasexvideoes.freeforums.org>carmen electra sex video seem to look like and what is so special about them. First of all I just need to tell you that she hasn't made any stupid plastic surgery that a lot of people do every year... She has quite natural and very smooth boobs so that you won't see any signs of surgery on those http://stearneejo.livejournal.com>ROSARIO DAWSON NAKED for sure...

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