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March 17, 2011


1 of your many Sarahs :]

Yes yes YES! A thousand times, so worth it. Since you're an Oh Happy Day follower, I'm guessing you also saw the bicycle wedding she recently posted? :]


I read this post on Oh Happy Day yesterday and had the same thought. While I thought the confetti was a really cute/original idea the entire time I was reading the post I was thinking about confetti embedding itself into my carpet. I'm not a neat freak. Just the opposite - I hate to clear. Hence the problem!

amy kolz

Oh, I love this. I love all the pinkness of the photo and the sweetness of the words... so true.



1. YES.
2. Did you see the end of the Glee performance, in which they tossed tons of confetti at the audience? My first thought was "dang, that's going to take a while to clean"...but then I realized that the visual effect was so awesome, it didn't matter.
Here's to cleaning up from many, many confetti-filled events!


I agree completely!!!!!!!! Can I steal that as my motto, too?

Happy Friday!


"Live your life so you have to clean up a whole hell of a lot of confetti." This is genius. Love it.


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