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February 18, 2011



The Glass Castle is on of my favorite books of all time. I have no idea where I even heard about it from. I am so glad you enjoyed it!!


There are lots of reasons why I love that book, but the reason I loved it most was that, after reading it, I got both my sister and mom to read it, and they also loved it. And my mom, after reading it, said that "West Virginia really is the armpit of the world." (which I now know as untrue, that only PARTS of WV are actually like this, because one of my best friends is from WV).

Glad you liked it though. :) I am seriously looking forward to reading for pleasure again once the Big Exam is over in August.


I *loved* Glass Castle! I'm so glad you loved it too!!



off to place a hold at the library. thanks! I wish I had a book club here to discuss books with, but every attempt to get one going (or join one) ends up fizzling or becoming more of a social club.


I just added it to my Amazon wish list!

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