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February 24, 2011



I'm a freelance writer who is at home nearly every day, so I actually AM a little bit of a 1950's housewife. I do enjoy it and (while I used to HATE cleaning for more than a few minutes) I really like the fact that my house is almost always spotless. Dinner is ready by 6, I make all the desserts, draperies and throw pillows in the house AND I contribute to our income via my writing. It's the best of both worlds...I'm pretty lucky.


If I didn't have to work . . . yeah, I'd be an awesome housewife. I like things clean and organized, and I love to cook and experiment. And I am thrift too. But cohabitating isn't quite the same as sharing money, so I need to work and pay my own bills.

Besides, I like working. I might be a housewife when we have kids . . . until they go back to school. It's nice to get out of the house.


Once I transition to working from home full-time, I think I will be a bit like a 1950's housewife - but only because i WANT to be. I love cooking, love cleaning, don't even mind ironing. But that's because it's not an expectation that I'll do that day in and day out for the rest of my life.


I like a clean house but I think if I didn't have any creative outlet then I think life as a 1950's housewife would be boring. Although dressing up each day in a pretty dress and getting my hair done wouldn't be bad ;)


I don't think I could do either. I just don't like to clean that much. But I also wouldn't want the responsibility of being the sole breadwinner. And I wouldn't want to be hands off with my kids.


Cleaning is my way to feel in control of an out-of-control life, I may have piles to do at work, homework up to my eyeballs, and relationships that are spinning wildly into uncharted territory--but damnit, my closet is color coordinated and my spices are alphabetized.

That being said--I'd be a terrible 50's housewife. I'm far too sassy to be a beck-and-call girl. A 50's husband? Maybe...but probably not a good one. ;)



I love the whole thought of wearing a cute apron with heels, but I hate cleaning & cooking. I would only bake cupcakes. MAYBE bring my husband a martini. I would only be a 50s housewife if it included having a maid!

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