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January 26, 2011



I am guessing Solvang is a Danish-style down and not an actual town in Denmark. I didn't get it until the very end.

I worked at a motel for awhile. Our room wasn't called anything fancy. We had a big room where we did all the laundry, and then the back room contained all the stuff we put in rooms (soaps, for sure, but also phone books and coffee makers and jazz customers could borrow). I'm now trying to remember what we did with lost and found. It was a small motel, so I'm pretty sure we just called people who had left stuff there and mailed the things to them if it were small enough.


Oh, gosh, YES! Danish-STYLE! Thanks for catching that, Leah, I've corrected it.


Combine those all together and you have one hell of a party.


You claimed the Oreo's, right? What, they were unopened and I haven't had sweets for what feels like nine years (really, three weeks).


We stayed in a hotel over New Years and the people who stayed there prior left an unopened box of really delicous assorted chocolates in the desk! Yes, I ate them.

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