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January 20, 2011


Home Sweet Sarah

Oh that show totally grosses me out. But I still watch.

And go Nicole!


Yeah, I think I love Nicole.


Eating contests usually squick me out, but that's just awesome.


Hey there lady, I just found your blog, hooray!

I watched Man v. Food since the beginning, and was all, "first season: "SO FUN!" second season: "we're still doing this? really?"


Nice! This is just another example of how women are tougher.


I beat my husband at a 2 pound burger eating contest. He 'claims' he finished it, but we went to the bathroom in the middle, so who knows. Go Nicole!

Nicole Keadle

Thanks for all the congratulations! I sleep in my wing shirt on occasion and I wouldn't suggest it to anybody! But I can check it off my list :)

Lots of Love,


Yeah that was a cool show. I can't bit my wife when it comes on eating burger. lol.

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