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April 13, 2010



Ha! Oh man I wish there was a video!!


I love a good skit! I have to admit, I was a bit of a skit dictator as a small child.:p


My cousins and I did skits all the time when we were kids!

And I love the Apache dance. :)


So funny! I just found a cute pic of my and my cousins signing on the fireplace at my g-parents circa 1978.

BTW - I love the "Friends" title on your post, too!

Pink Sun Drops

I love it! That last paragraph cracks me up. So glad you did yours before the traditional dance and didn't chicken out. I'm sure there are so many wonderful memories from that wedding as a result!


Haha! Oh, I'm sure the groom's family got a kick out of your routine. Who doesn't love some corny hip hop?

We love skits in my family, too! I'm impressed that everyone committed to doing one at the wedding, even if it was on short notice and after copious amounts of alcohol. My once fun, silly relatives now look at me as the "wild one" and refuse to go along with my schemes!


Oh man, my cousins and I used to do that sort of stuff too. So much fun.


oh my gosh. i'm sure my mom or one of the aunts has this on video! we did so great!

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