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May 29, 2008



Wow- great photos! Looks like a great day :)


That's wonderful all around! Have a great weekend!


I am proud of both of you!!


Congrats to your sister!


I have to preface what I'm about to write by saying I love reading your blog andI really hate people who write this type of comment...but I am a little offended! I have my Master's degree, and I had to work very hard for that hood! I'm a little upset that you, as someone who is now working on a post-baccalaureate degree and understands the hard work that goes into it, would be so blase about wearing the regalia of a degree you didn't earn.

Sorry to be a downer, I just couldn't hold it in.


Also, congrats to your sister!


Love that you handed your Sis her diploma...that's too cool...a life moment for sure! Great pics too!!


Dudes, I should just point out that the hood I was wearing is a free hood made of that flammable Halloween costume fabric, which I disassembled and reconstructed with cheap pink cotton fabric and which I wore to a high school graduation. I am totally, absolutely not misrepresenting to anyone on this blog or at the school that the hood symbolizes some non-existent, hard-earned Master's Degree.

The hood? That shit is from Pink University. Tacky and unintentionally offensive, but downright fabulous. Which is the way we roll.

(Also, Gavin Newsom was all decked out in law school regalia at the law school graduation and he only has a BA. Also, he is hot. Did I mention that? HOT.)

There are plenty of people who worked hard for Master's degrees, but trust me, there are plenty of people wearing those fancy hoods who still don't know that "a lot" is two words. (Hello people! Alot? Not a word!) You can get one of those hoods--and a degree to go with it!--for two easy payments of $499 on the old Internet. Seriously.

It ain't the hood that counts, is all I'm saying, it's what's in the brain that matters. Unless you are talking about accessorizing. In which case, it's the hood all the way. Send a memo: my next one better be lined in velvet and silk.


Aw, that's so sweet! Yay for you and your sister! :)



Operation Pink Herring

That last picture is amazing! I really hope that a professional photographer took that one, because otherwise I am going to go back to feeling wildly incompetent with a camera.

And congrats to your sister!

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