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April 23, 2007



You inspire me. I want so badly for us to get rid of our television but I fear that we are addicted.


I lived without a microwave for a year and I thought that was good. No TV for a year? I give you a standing ovation.


I forget about your non tv life. It just blows me away. Part of me wants to ask "What do y'all DO all the time then?" But then another part of me looks at the boxes we still have to unpack from when we moved in 6 MONTHS ago, and I kind of figure it out.


I could totally live without a TV. I am glad you have proven to people that living without TV can be done!


Mmm... Warm chocolate chip cookies delivered to your door...


Damn...I can only imagine what I could get done. Honestly though, you can watch most shows online now...


We're almost TV free. The only reason I know anything about prime time TV is becuase I occasionally watch Ellen, and she has the actors on her show. Otherwise, I would know nothing, and be fine with that. TV can just suck your life away. I've gone through periods of my life where I've been addicted and I regret not having done more with my time. I'm glad there's someone else out there that's TV free, too.
The internet, however, is another story. If it's not one screen I'm sitting in front of, it seems like there's another...


Ohhh... I think I'll spring this one on my girls. GREAT idea.


I'm impressed. I've managed to get away with not having cable, so I'm restricted to shows on the major networks, but I definitely could not give up TV for good!


We've been t.v. free for 3 weeks now and y'know what? I don't miss it! Our girls were upset at first, but it's spring and there is playing outside to do. Thank you Janet for inspiring me to cut the cord!


NOOOO! I didn't have TV growing up and it was aweful. I didn't know what Saturday Night Live was until my junior year. I think it's great to make the choice for yourself, but think of the children. xoxo


I'm reading backwards and still trying to figure out when you took/passed the LSATS and got into (which?) law school...what will happen to your (lovely) students????
And No TV Totally works for me. The five kids however... Although it is strictly limited because I Am A Mean Mom!

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