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April 12, 2007


Right Brained Gal

What, no Philly cheesesteak in that list?


Goodness, that is a whole lot of pricey! But then, a 78-dollar denim skirt might go on that list if it were me. Yow!

But it IS cute ...

Pink Chihuahua Princess

With all that bike riding you are about to be doing, the skirt should fit well soon. Oh wait...its hard to ride a bike while wearing a skirt.


How/where/why in the world is a hot pretzel 5$

class factotum

At least you got something fun for your money! I wasn't paying attention at the doctor's office and got a bill for a $123 lab test that I didn't realize I had agreed to. I have been fighting it for two weeks, but he charted it and claims I said I wanted to be tested for all sorts of STDs. (Right -- because I've been down at the docks waiting for the ships to come in.) So now I'm screwed, even though I really haven't been.

I could have paid my electricity bill with that money.

Or, more importantly, bought shoes!

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