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April 03, 2007



I absolutely love that after all the robot-y anguish, MARGARITAS WON. Does your hat say "Spreads like Butter?" and if so, could you make that your new tagline? Love it. That picture of the pool is very....I dunno, Rat Pack resort brochure chic.


i love it, i want to see all the pictures from that night. so much fun.


YAY ATLANTA!! ;-) Don't make any wrong turns on the way... once you cross the Mississippi - those could be dangerous!! Hope to see you while you're here!

Rach ;-)


The margaritas should ALWAYS win. No contest.


Robots....margaritas...yeah, you made the best call.


Oh, my gosh. Are you kidding me? Why am I not surprised? So much talking and laughter in that car that you didn't realize you weren't heading to San Diego until you wound up in Palm Springs? I love it. And I totally don't blame you for staying. :)

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