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October 30, 2006



hehe - that's so cool! You have now been immortalized!


Sure... it's 2601 Warring St... anyway, awesome, I hope to see it sometime. What are you doing for Halloween?


i wanna see!!


You have my address... sign me up!



Andre is sending me a copy. I can't wait to see it. I was pretty angry at the fact that i couldnt be in it. hopefully one day ill be lucky enough (like you) to be in an Andre Felix film.

oh. and thanks for the post card. good thing you signed your name.


oh my, this is hilarious! I would like a copy too please! :)


Just tell yourself you are totally indie/Christina Ricci/Liv Tylerish in the holey tights and unwashed locks. It's a statement!


Janet is famous! Lime-green dress, holey-tights and all! How fun. That's so cool that kids in your high school get to participate in stuff like that. :)

Andre Felix

Ms. Janet wallace!!!! You did and excellent job, do you want to know why? you may not be an actress, but! you definately are a teacher and your character was a teacher! Your performance was great! If it wasn't I would have used someone else!!!! :p Thank you for being in my film even though you were in blessed tights(they were holy) and I happen to like your lime green dress! And good thing movies do NOT include smell since you were unshowered :p Just Kidding! Thank you again and stop being so hard on yourself :)


I hope it breaks Festival records and then you can up your rate. ;) Or actually set a rate. Teeheehee

P.S. This is my fave blog!


When does it go to theaters? I wanna see it! xoxo


The movie was AMAZING! and you were amazing in it...he acutally gave me a copy! SO EXCITED :D

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