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August 01, 2006



I wouldn't worry too much, you were in the other holy section of campus, the Apple section. You will be protected by the gods of "ease of use" "aesthetics" and "reliability".


Please! At the Catholic school I taught at, everyone drank like fish! Every school carnival they would start handing us beers at 11AM.


Oh please, I'm in Seminary (and went to a private religious school for my BA) and nobody parties like the religious. Or swears. Or makes inappropriate sexual references. It's a myth that we are all prudish and the like... in fact, most of us are completely warped(and in need of therapy--but that's beside the point.) I'm pretty sure we are the walking definith of debauchery.


I beg to differ Wende. I have met (and personally know some) people who are both very religeous and really cool. They don't swear or make sexual references, and are very admirable.

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