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May 08, 2006



I have stayed at that hotel and I have overindulged in the mai tais and I loved every second of it.

Alas, it was 10+ years ago!


Aw, that was so darn cute. Loved the video. It's always cool to see actual moving footage of your blogger friends. Damn that mai tai sounds good. So does the hot fudge.

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Lookin' good in that video, girl! Cute pink pants. But, I'd expect nothing less--even after a few drinks.


:) That's how I cook every meal. It works for me.

Now, to go look at your drunkin' escapde... pink pants, eh?


Don't feel bad, I just went and dropped a proverbial messload at the local whole foods on shiny new groceries, and today what do I eat for dinner when the husband works late? Chinese tofu from downstairs.


Damn! It wouldn't load for me for some reason. I'm missin' out... :)

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